The Next Billion Market-Automobile Intelligence

Industry news | 2018-12-27 14:28
Scene application has become the focus of Internet entrepreneurship. Intelligence of traditional hardware is also a very important area. And the automobile is just at the intersection of these two fields, becoming the next space for mobile Internet to seize. Because automobiles have much more space than general hardware, they have more possibilities of transformation, which gives them endless imagination space for intelligent automobiles.
Technology giant layout automobile intelligence
In recent years, various technology giants have laid out for the intelligent transformation of automobiles: Tesla's on-board touch screen system, Apple's Carplay, Google's OAA, Mercedes-Benz BMW Jaguar and so on. Among them, HUD has become a very important part of many layouts. HUD is Head Up Display, which was used as flight AIDS in aircraft in the early days. Pilots can see the information they need without bowing their heads, avoiding distraction and losing control of situation Awareness. Since the early 1980s, HUD has been applied to concept-class cars. HUD system can greatly alleviate the fatigue of human eyes and is conducive to safe driving. Improve the safety of the car, so that drivers are focused on the road, reduce the incidence of accidents. However, due to the vague positioning and function of the product, the early stage was just one of the gimmicks of the big-brand automobile manufacturers, and it has not entered the substantive application.
With the development of automobile industry, sensor technology, smart phone and network, HUD technology has entered an explosive stage.