Model Change in the Age of 4:0 in Industry

Industry news | 2018-12-27 14:28
In the industrial 4.0 era, the mode of production and consumption will change fundamentally, which brings opportunities for business model change. The entrepreneurs can use the open strategy to promote the production of new industrial value ecology, and find new sources of competitive advantage for the development of enterprises. This is of great significance to Chinese enterprises in the industrial 2.0 era as a whole.
According to the stage description of the industrial revolution in Germany, human society will step over the industrial 3.0 stage to the industrial 4.0 era. In the industrial 4.0 era, in addition to the enormous increase in productivity, there will also be tremendous changes in business models. With the times, entrepreneurs can gain insight into the new ways of value creation in industrial 4.0 and find new competitive advantages for themselves.
Although the industrial 4.0 era has many unique features, it still has certain economic and development laws, entrepreneurs need to deeply understand these laws, timely adjust their production and management methods, prepare for competition in the new era, and become the tide-maker in the industrial 4.0 era.
Basic Characteristics of the Industrial 4.0 Era
The biggest constraint of the development of human society is the limitation of technology. Although people can look forward to some beautiful production or life style, if the technology at that time can not support these value creation methods, these bright prospects can only exist in imagination and can not become reality. The industrial 4.0 era is a new stage of human social development. Because of the progress and application of new technologies, the constraints of human social development have changed, which provides a basis for new ways of value creation.
What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
According to the definition provided by Platform Industrie 4.0, a research and promotion organization for industrial 4.0 related system established by German associations and enterprises, human society has undergone three industrial revolutions and is moving towards the fourth industrial revolution. There is little objection from academia and industry to the first industrial revolution in Britain 250 years ago and the second industrial revolution in Britain 150 years ago.
For the third industrial revolution, there are two opinions: one is that an American energy expert wrote a book called the Third Industrial Revolution, which calls the future energy Internet-based society the Third Industrial Revolution; the other is that Harvard Business Historian Alfred D. Chandler in "Information Change America: Power Driving National Transition" "According to the original idea, we want to name the book"The Third Industrial Revolution: The Role of Information Technology in the Transition from Colonial Age to Contemporary America". It can be seen that Germany has made clear that industrial 3.0 represented by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is based on academic research.