First. Company Introduction
Suzhou Light and Precision Testing Co., Ltd. GHTS <, founded in 2017 in Wuzhong Economic Development Zone, Suzhou, China. The company focuses on the development, manufacture and sales of various test probe cards. Our products are widely used in integrated circuits, optoelectronic devices, sensors, electronic devices, LCD and other testing. The service industries involve military industry, aerospace, semiconductor, consumer electronics, academies and so on.
Second. Technical Core
By introducing the manufacturing technology of Japanese Probe Card, GHTS Company has developed its own automatic equipment research and development expertise, and developed higher precision, automation and integration production equipment. On this basis, the company can produce minimum pressure point (Pad) size of 15 *20 micron, minimum distance of Gap (Gap) of 15 micron, multi-core measurement (128 Sites), needle placement up to 15 layers, single needle card manufacturing. The technology has reached 6000 Pins, single needle meets the requirements of high current up to 2A, low leakage 0.1pA, test temperature range - 45 -+160 (?) C, high frequency over 2GHz, etc. Probe cards with different test requirements are widely used in various high-end test platforms at home and abroad, and have become one of the professional providers of probe cards and test schemes in the industry.
Third, the company's purpose:
Our aim is to continuously provide high quality test cards and services, constantly innovate and pursue better design schemes, and pursue the greatest customer satisfaction.